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Xtra Via is so much more than just a way to earn more spending money or build up a nest egg.  It's an opportunity to develop your skills, to get to know yourself and to meet people. We are a young, dynamic company in which people matter.   And with an informal culture. 

We like freedom - as well as punctuality, respect, sincerity and .... a regular cup of coffee with a bar of dark chocolate! 

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Are you still studying, but would like to earn some extra money? We give you the chance to work after study hours, during the week, at weekends or during holidays.


Already working 4/5ths of the week, but want additional work? As a flexi-worker, you can fill your free time with fun assignments. And by the way, age doesn't matter!

Self-employed and freelancers

Already have a job in the hospitality industry? We will be happy to discuss your options with you.

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If you are reading this, you are curious about the many training opportunities and assignments in the catering, events and handling sector of the Xtra Via network! Would you like to meet us? Lucky you, so are we!

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