Our Team

Xtra Via is a young team and a dynamic company, in which people matter. We have a family feeling. We like freedom - as well as punctuality, respect, sincerity and .... a regular cup of coffee with a bar of dark chocolate!

We recruit employees suitable for many different jobs: bartender, cloakroom attendant, administrative assistant, logistics assistant, hostess or steward, waiter, kitchen assistant, parking attendant, etc. Our experience in the catering and events sector means that we are very well aware that good staff are absolutely essential.

May we introduce

Charlotte : Happy HR & Recruitment 

Our most experienced recruiter is simply indispensable - for putting our teams together and for supervision in the field.  She particularly enjoys the organisational challenges and the rush of the peak season.

Ludo : Happy Business Developper 

He always goes for the full 200%. Over weekends he usually cooks for his family and friends. Or goes jogging to clear his head - for your next project! Tell him what you need. Ludo will make it happen!

Vanessa: Happy Business Developper

Creative, epicurean and passionate about the hospitality profession as a whole, at the age of 14 her parents had no choice but to enroll her at CERIA. Vanessa took both the Cuisine and Salle courses and graduated. 
Sales being her second passion, the combination of the 2 enables her today to immediately identify and understand your needs in order to offer you a tailor-made service.

Christophe: Happy HR & Recruitment

Having grown up in a restaurant, Christophe knows the world of hospitality like the back of his hand. Always cheerful, smiling and motivated in any situation, he is in charge of student recruitment, placement, and training. Apply now and get to know him! 

Marie-Anne: Happy HR & Recruitment 

The youngest of the team and passionate about the world of events. She loves to discover new places and new designs. Her mission is to give the staff the opportunity to learn new things and to accompany them in the events.

Our dream team now has more than 200 people!

Join our team. Take part in great assignments. And earn some extra money!

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